Breath Work

Experience peace that surpasses all understanding
Feel relaxed, joyful, happy and full of energy
Discover solutions to any problem
Open yourself to divine love
Ignite your inner fire

Unleash creativity
Mind, body, spirit transformation
Boost chi, chakras, heart and pineal health

Breathe Energy as well as Air to Experience
The Breath of God
The Circular and the Unity Breath

Breath Works supports you out of old, limiting ideas into the new way you want to be

Gentle, Focused and Effective
Safe, supportive, caring

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Attain  happiness  consciousness  creativity  vitality

with Conscious Energy Breathing Sessions

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DavidBaillie - Practitioner Information

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Photo of David Baillie
David Baillie

Consciousness Coach
Gemstone Healing   Massage   Heart Math   Rebirthing
Soul Coach   Spiritual Ecologist   Writer
238 Pine Hill Rd, Dalmore, Dunedin
Harmony Forest
239 Waitati Valley Road
RD 2 Waitati 9085
New Zealand
Phone: 0211-22-0910