Breathing with Elemental Fire

During our winters in southern New Zealand I thrive on ogranic grown grains that have locked the fire of summer into their bellies of oat, wheat and rye and are willing to release that fire to keep my body warm during the cold months. Ghee spead on my own home-baked fire-cooked sourdough bread adds to my pleasure and warmth. Honey spread up the ghee while still within its comb adds the firey essence of the sun. This has been captured by friendly plants within Harmony Forest, secreted into their seeds and as nectar to feed the bees so they can carry the seed from flower to flower and have a some for me.

Fire foods like summer honey, ghee, grains and sourdough bread cooked on a wood fire or in a solar oven (and when needs be gas or electricity) passinately flame my own fires within.

I say my, but we are royal we, many within serving me that I may be me and that I may honour and provide for them. We are the many cells and microbes willingly together as one body in the service of one for all and all for one.

Today it is cool and overcast so I'm waiting for a sunny day to warm my starter and proove my bread upon my sunlit window sill. Much better bread happens when my ever willing friends, the yeast bugs, have the fire of the sun to warm their growth.

Even my own dairy kefir and yogurt mix, which grows at room temperature, grows best in direct sunglight. Perhaps being tempered by the fires of the sun is why its sisters have enough heat within their nature to mature in my fridge at just 4 degrees Celsius. There must be some heat inherent in it growing in such cold.

Cooking is a digestive process in which heat breaks starches down into more absorbable forms yet that heat damages some of the starches, proteins, vitamins and most fats. For cooked food without being cooked their is nothing better than the ancient tradition of fermenting.

Fermented foods are the healthiest and simplest way to eat raw foods "cooked". Each of my foods have friendly family members much like those bacteria that far outnumber the cells that are said to be actually me. I'm an highly specialised form of bacteria. They take the nutrients of the raw and organic into their bellies, ferment it with their lively, firey, living vitality and prepare themselves specifically for their caretakers dietary needs.

Teams of fermentation cooks work tirelessly 24/7/365 in my kitchen preparing my foods with the maximum possible levels of nutrition specific to my needs. Sourdough starter yeasts mix it with a bit of flour which when pressed into tins raises itself to be cooked as bread. Bacteria and yeasts turn unpasteurised milk into yogurt and kefir and leafy vegetables into saurkraut. Kefir and yogurt pre-digest breakfast oats soaked in their juices for days before eating. Others specialise in converting tea into a delicious Kombucha, a lot like ginger beer. All of these foods are rich in organic acids and nutrients known to increase health, vitality and longevity. Once inside with food eaten the healthy cooks report to my digestive system for cleaning duties and immune functions; such is the fire of their passion to serve within the body community.

Fermented food is raw food when it is not heated above about 40 degrees Centigrade.

In the cool southern New Zealand climate I can eat much my food fresh, alive and raw by including these fermented foods have a warmer energy having been cooked in the micro-fires of organismic bellies (below 40íC). Without this fire in it my food in its raw state would leave me shivering out in the cool climate. However with the fire of baked sourdough, eggs and some cooked root veges I can live mostly raw with raw greeen salads and raw fermented foods.

Everything is better for me (at least) with fire added which is prehaps why I took up sun-gazing to digest the sun's glow with my eyes, pineal, heart and gut; to exchange firey, caring, compassionate love with it and to be fed by its divine, physical spark.

I temper my fire with the earth, gardening and earthing, which is grounding, to walk barefoot on naturaly ground, wet grass being best. Walking upon GAIA Earth I am nourished by her innermost fire warming the soles of my feet and rising up my spine to ignite fire in the centre (pineal) and crown of my head. From there its sparks ride electro-magnetic and scalar energy waves to my whole auric and subtle body field.

I say "my" though it is us really. I am a child of God, physically of Earth.

We are all born of fire and fire is the heat to which all is returned (digested) to the Earth.

Old emotions that fired us become food for the earth just like discared shoes.

Old thoughts which we seemed so enthusiastic about and which now no longer fit, anymore than our childhood clothes are to be cleansed by fire.

Whatever it is that no longer serves our current needs must be released to fire. Whether fast in a fiery, flaming furnace or slowly digested in the belly of microbial fire everything that lives must ultimately be restored by fire to return to life and then ever again to fire in the repeated cycles of life.

Leonard Orr, founder of Breath Work speaks well of fire. Sitting by fire burns away what he calls the emotional energies of others that he is receieved into his energy field when helping others let go of all those behaviours that no longer serve their current needs and expectations. He puts weight on his belly working with others and then in front of fire or in a fire-warmed bath he releases it from the depths of that belly.

Here is what Leonard says of this in his article The Fire Element

"Sometimes during a fire, when I am feeding the fire with sticks or just sitting next to it, I can literally feel an inch or half an inch dissolve and fall away from my waistline. And I often verify this with a tape measure. But other times it feels like the fire purification is opening the gateway to deep stuff stored somewhere in my energy body and my waistline swells and gets bigger temporarily.

"Sometimes I go take a bath and breathe in the bath until I can feel the energy concentration move. Then, when I go back to the fire, I get the release that I desire and the inches disappear. And other times I just spend a few more hours with the fire, until the energy moves and becomes lighter. Sometimes it helps to feed the fire enough wood to make higher, roaring flames. Then my energy body feels clear, clean and balanced. Then the inches disappear.

"When I am working with people in consultations, lectures or trainings, it is common for me to gain 1 to 2 inches on my waistline every day and to lose 1 to 2 inches every day by using fire purification and breathing in a bathtub." -

Fire arises from the Ethers themselves. Flames of plasma arise alighting from the divine loving source-field of all energies. As light this plasma rides on the sound currents that carry it back home to its divine loving source-field and a time comes when all those loving of heart see that their path in the light is to return home to God by following the sound, the divine music of the spheres, the HU and the word of God.

When the energy of others is seen as a burden it is, and that burden may be released and cleansed by fire. When the emotional and thought energy of others is seen as love and each person is seen as representative of the divine creator Itself that energy passes through us. When we no longer harbour a fear or hold to a thought disparaging of others we connect fully to source ourselves and need no nourishment from the fears, emotions and thoughts of us. Then we acan invite these energies to pass directly through us, returning to the source of divine love itself, without affecting us.

Everything that happens to us is by invitation of what we have done to others and need to learn ourselves to know true, divine love in our hearts.

Then the fire of God will be ignited to always burn in our hearts and as Soul we will tend it, adding to it as love in our every action.

The firey energy of prana, Chi, Ki, ECK, shabda, light and sound, scalar love-energy, source and many other names is consumed with every in-breath, returned to and process in the divine kiln (fiery heart of God) from which It gives it back to us as pure love which completely nourishes us as we pass it on to others.

Fire is the Energy of Divine Love and Heart
Travelling within the air it is present in every breath
When we consciously partake of its gift
It purifies and cleanses the body, mind and feelings
Liberating Soul to act freely within the body
Opening the Heart and Pineal System to divine energy

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