by Leonard Orr

Learning to breathe from the Breath Itself is one of the greatest abilities humans can learn.

The Source of the Breath is the Creator of the body and the ability to contact this Source is the direct source of health, aliveness and rejuvenation. Regeneration is a powerful word. On the practical level, people who have mastered Conscious Intuitive Energy Breathing are beginning to feel and actualize the reality of this word.

During an actual 2-hour breathwork session it is common for breathers to have a biological experience of God or an experience of Oneness with the Universe and all things in it.

The Mind and the Breath are the King and Queen of human consciousness. Our breath requires as much attention as our mind. And after we discover the healing power of the Breath, our mind requires even more attention because the Breath is the power of the Mind.

The power of Breathwork can frighten people. Are you afraid to Breathe? Are you afraid of the healing power of Breath?

When we decide to do ten Conscious Energy Breathing sessions with a breathing guide, we may have to go through the hyperventilation syndrome. Spontaneous hyperventilation in religious circles is called the baptism or the filling of the Holy Spirit. Some people experience tension ans even pain when they release painful memories stored in the mind and body. But we have to learn how to release these memories, otherwise we will be stuck with them forever.

Everyone can benefit from the support of spiritual community. We can all support each other`s healing process. And it helps if we are using the skills that actually work.

Basic spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire, mind and relationships is what we teach.

Learning Conscious Energy Breathing is for most people the best place to start. We invite you to receive ten 2-hour sessions to raise the quality of your health, well-being and joy of living.

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