Diamond Gemstone Energy Healing

Caring For Your Gemstone Friends

Citrine necklace held in shape of a heart to help open the heart to light and sound energy

Thankyou for purchasing gemstones that would like to be your friend and live in your home, your energy field. As much as you respect and help each other, you will achieve much together.

Before wearing or using the gemstones ask them: Is now a good time to do so? Invite them into your energy field as you would a new friend. Invite them to listen to you and your needs and to do so for others if they are not just for you. Talk to them about what you would like to achieve with their help and listen to what they would like to achieve with yours.

As much as you want to continue working with each other keep them within two metres (6 ft) so that you are easily within each other's energy fields. If you need to be further apart than this declare that you wish to maintain a connection and believe it, you can.

After using them in a treatment or wearing them for a day, or as often as 3 times a day, give them cleanses and energy boosts. Undo claps, and hold them up as a friend and see how they look, then spray GEMSFormulas™ Cleansing then GEMFormulas Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Spray™ down from the top, near to them, and out in their energy fields. See how they look now, and if they seem to need more give them more of Cleansing and EMR spray if needed. After this cleanse and nourish them with GEMFormulas Diamond Healing Rejuvenation Spray™ and see how they sparkle and show you in other ways that they have had enough and are energised.

Now give them a loving, gentle rub dry with a clean towel while letting them know that you love, respect, and appreciate them. Thank them for their help and gift them energy from your heart.

Give them extra energy daily in ways you are able to such as direct sunlight for a few minutes. Or in moon and star light, or in touch with the grass, earth, a plant, and fresh air for as long as you both like.

All gemstones are different so care for them as individuals and also follow separate instructions that we you may receive with some special gemstones. Store necklaces in spirals (circles) if you can.

You may also care for, cleanse, and energise your self, car, plants, home and workplace in the same ways, except for moving car and house onto the earth, or into the garden. Further general care instructions are also available in our videos and courses.

Enjoy your relationship with your cleansed and energised gemstones and GEMFormulas™ Sprays

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