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David Baillie
ND, BSc, DipMass(3), RBT, RTC
With 30 years as a practising Naturopath my focus is your

Happiness * Health * Life * Relationships * Wellbeing

Making sure you zchieving health, dreams and spiritual goals with personal, experienced support

Energy Medicine with Gemstones

Health Increased with GEMandalas, Colours, Light and Sound

Gemstone Energy Therapy in the native forest of Harmony (10k north of Dunedin) explores causes of dis-harmony, how and what healing you will achieve with the help of powerful gemstone necklaces and tools during your 2 - 3 hour stay. Cellphones, watches and other tech are not used. This helps the natural energy environment of trees, birds, insects, creeks, permaculture forest gardens and nature walks, gemsones and your practitioner restore and heal your personal energy field.

Bringing energy into the body for healing, special Gemstones and GEMandalas heal with sacred geometries of light, sounds and colours that call forth powerful energies to bring you into coherent alignment with the frequencies of peak health and consciousness.



Remedial, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Foot Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy
Relieve * Release * Renew * Revitalise

Align your muscles, tendons, meridians, acupoints and reflexes to achieve more with ease. Have more energy and heal faster. Increase performance. Increase your clarity of mind in a healthy body.39 years of experience in the field. Head, neck and shoulder massage and Foot Reflexology is also available at Harmony Forest Centre. Investment in health: $90 per hour. 1, 2.5, 2.75 and 2 hours.

"Excellent therapeutic massage and often wide-ranging conversation if the client is up to it!" Emma, NZ

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Breath  Heart and Awakening Consciousness Coaching

Our breath technqiues release physical, emotional and mental pains enhancing awareness of self and achieving full potential. Limiting atterns of thought that produce stress, tension and disease are released reawakening a deeper conscious awareness of self and body-mind.

Outdoor sessions are included to enhance your connection to nature and all beings. Including techniques of Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, Heart Math and Rebirthing teachers. Three Cerfications as a Rebither and two with Drunvalo Melchizedek.

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Breathing by Leonard Orr
Breath Works - Inceased Consciousness and Connection by David Baillie

Sacred Geometry

Flower of Life in 3D
Energies within achieve a greater degree of relationship with the world and our health in it. All forms of life from atoms, gemstones; plants, animal and human auras; planets, stars and have common forms of energy that establish individuality and support each other. Opening our hearts deepens our understanding of these and how the uviverse works to achieve in business, love, life and relationship.

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Gemstone Therapy and Energy Medicine available by Skype, Facebook Email and in person will move your energies within geometrees to heal your energy field and to give you what you need for greater consciousness and achievement.

Traditional Naturopathy, Iridology, Kinesiology and Nutrition

We listen to you and include our intuition about your health.
Naturopathy heals with nutrients, air, water and exercise rather than drugs.
Nutrition adds zest with high energy foods, appropriate diet, improved digestion, fermented and raw options.
more clairty, energy, awareness and a knowing of how to look after yourself. Herbal Medicine restores health, cleanse and boost energy, vitality and wellbeing.
Iridology reveals internal health.
Kinesiological testing finds out what is needed and how healing can take place most easily.

Practical instruction at Harony Forest includes growing organics, gathering common herbs, preparing vegetable juices, key fats and superfoods, making own flours and sourdoughs. Enjoying more energy and no desire for sugars with diets free of cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism, chronic fatigue, allergies, EMF sensitivites and other dis-eases. Appointments are for two hours from 1 to 3pm at Harmony, 10km north of Dunedin.

Massage and Naturopathy Clinic
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Spiritual Ecology

white moth

Reverential Ecology is a Spiritual Ecology with reverence, respect and appreciation for all life. Arising from Deep Ecology it inspires an understanding that within ourselves we are all connected and to know this we need to know ourselves. A heart and soul connection with all creatures, plants, and the land in our care is open with honest communication that honours the spiritual journey of all beings. We learn what divine love is together and develop co-operative relationships with the DNA and cells of our bodies which greatly increases our health, with our plants that optimises the nutrition and herbal medicines they have for us, and with our homes which shelter and protect us.

Organic gardening, permaculture and forest gardening build layers of productivity from beneath the soil to vegetables, to bushes, climbing fruit vines, and trees. Permaculture is "Permanent Agriculture" builds from the central heart of the garden out to the preferral zone, which can be a woodlot or fruit and nut trees. Knowing how plants can be grown most healthily even if we are not gardeners ourselves empowers us to locate and eat the most nutritious foods available.

Tours of Harmony Forest show these principles in action and provide a teaching model to apply to your own home, farm and garden.

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Natural Health and Sacred Geometry Books and Courses

Better Health for Honey Bees Naturally
Enhancing home and garden working with fairies and devas
Guides to Health from Sunbathing and Sungazing
Sacred Geometry - Free Weekly Email Course

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David Baillie, ND, BSc, RBT, RTC
Email: David @ gemstone therapy. info with no spaces in address
Phone: 0211-22-0910
Facebook: @DavidofHarmony
Skype: davidbaillie9

City Massage Clinic
Room 6, Craigie House, 22 Manse St, Dunedin, NZ
Fridays fortnightly 2017: March 3, 17, 31. April 14, 28. May 12, 26 ...

Harmony Forest Centre
239 Waitati Valley Rd, Dunedin, NZ 9085
1 to 3pm daily

internet Clinic and Distance Healing
Discuss a time that suits you
By phone (Australia and NZ at my cost), Email, Skype and Facebook private messaging.
Skype: davidbaillie9
Facebook: Private Messaging

Investment in your Health

Massage apppointments are NZ$90 per hour for 1, 1.5, 1.75 or 2 hours.
Interent and Phone Assessment, Advice, Coaching and Distant Healing sessions are NZ$90 per hour. Australia and NZ: I phone you (I pay for call) and rest of world: You phone me and pay for call.
Follow up distant energy healing sessions: NZ$60.
All other appointments (via internet and in person) are up to 2 hours and $180 so we can really listen, take note, advise and improve your health at a level of cause giving lasting change.
Gemstone Therapy has an additional $25 surchage for necklace wear and responsibility for gemstone necklaces during healing walks within Harmony.

Partners, support persons and caregivers welcome.


Email: david @ gemstone therapy. info (without spaces)
Facebook: @DavidofHarmony
Phone: 0211-22-0910

Ten Health Improvers

  1. Appreciation, Gratitude, Giving from the Heart
  2. Knowing you are an energy being whose thoughts give rise to how you are affected by anything and everything in your life
  3. Contemplating on your health, your day and your wellbeing for a few minutes morning and night
  4. Deep breathing to pause before getting angry, to stretch back and for alkalising oxygen to cleanse the body of toxins and disease
  5. Spring or creek water or magnetised, vortex regenerated, mineralised, living EZ, Phase 4 water with negative ionised hydrogen (most powerful anti-oxidant).
  6. Sunshine, a fresh breeze, regular exercise and stretching
  7. Prepare your own food, eat some juiced, raw, some boiled or steamed and only a little baked, broiled or grilled
  8. Eat mostly high energy organic fresh plant foods grown with love from own garden, local Farmer's Markets and Organic Food Shops
  9. Oil pulling - swishing a teaspoon of Fermented organic coconut oil around the mouth for 20 minutes before eating every morning
  10. Sleeping in a dark room with black-out curtains if needed, all appliances unplugged, with only red night-lights.

Reduced exposure to unhealthy radiation

Increased exposure to healthy ElectroMagnetic Energies

Organic or Wild Fermented Raw Foods

World's Most Powerful, Low cost Natural Healers

These are my deepest secrets discovered after years of researth and are not published by main-stream science as they are very cheap and replace profit making drugs and surgery.