Healing with Nature's Energy

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David Baillie
NC, ND, BSc, DipMass(3), OA, RBT, RTC
There is a solution to every health problem. 39 years experience as a Nutritional Consultant, Traditional Naturopath, Degree in Anatomy, Eye Analysist (Iridology), Remedial Body Therapist and Masseur, Rebirther and Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Gemstone Energy Medicine

GEMandalas, Gemstone Necklaces, Light, Sound and Healing Earth Energies

Healing in the native forest environment of Harmony (10k north from Dunedin). Delightful forest walks with gemstones, visiting creeks and old native trees are a keystone of gemstone therapy known as "Homopolitz". Before sessions contemplative walks clarify and prepare for healing; and after sessions they secure health change and anchor them permanently. Harmony Forest's natural energy environment of trees, birds, insects, creeks, permaculture forest gardens and nature walks combine with select gemsones and personal treatment, restore and heal your personal energy field restoring health and lifestyle in the way you want. Our cob-earth building is an Energy Centre especially and naturally crafted to bmaximise the in-flow of earth enerties facilitatng healing powerfully and as effectively as possible.

Bringing energy into the body for healing, gemstones and mandalas, heal with sacred geometries of light, sounds, colours adn specific therapeutic effects that call forth powerful energies to bring you into coherent alignment with a state of optimal health and consciousness.

Indoors the session takes place in the comfort of a cob-earth eco-building specifically built by myself to bring forth sacred earth and gemstone energies.

Online sessions by Onstellar, Skype, Email and Phone with scred geometries and gemsone images that resonate with the same healing energies throughout the world.

Gemstone Energy Medicine OnStellar with David

Massage, Rebirthing and Gemstone Therapy Space at the Energy Centre Clinic, Harmony Forest


Remedial, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Foot Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy
Relieve * Release * Renew * Revitalise

Aligning your muscles, tendons, meridians, acupoints, reflexes, tissues and organs to your new levels of health, flixibility and comfort, giving your the energy and strength of body to achieve.

"Excellent therapeutic massage and often wide-ranging conversation if the client is up to it!" Emma, NZ

Massage OnStellar with David

Awaken The Heart Coaching

Individually customised breathing rhythms release physical, emotional and mental trauma enhancing your awareness of self to achieve full potential with health and happienss

Harmony Forest provides the perfect safe, natural environment for outdoor sessions and Danaa, our cob-earth eco-building provides comfort and warmth while still maintaining the real connection to the earth energies that assists change trhough breathing and ground contact.

Breathing by Leonard Orr
Breath Works - Inceased Consciousness and Connection by David Baillie  

OnStellar with David
Awakening Coaching OnStellar

Sacred Geometry

Flower of Life in 3D
Energies within achieve a greater degree of relationship with the world and our health in it. All forms of life from atoms, gemstones; plants, animal and human auras; planets, stars and have common forms of energy that establish individuality and support each other. Opening our hearts deepens our understanding of these and how the uviverse works to achieve in business, love, life and relationship.

Living Sacred Geometry and Earth Healing Consultations by Skype, Onstellar, Email, Phone and in person also move your energies in ancient ways to heal your energy field and give you what is needed for greater consciousness and achievement.

Living Sacred Geometry Instruction

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Traditional Naturopathy

Iridology, Kinesiology, Food and Herbal Medicine

Listening and giving what your body needs with iridology and kinesiology body testing.
Restoring your health and increased energy with whole herb teas, organic, pasture-fed nutrition, air, water and exercise and a minimum of supplements.
For treatmemt of all conditiona, clear thinking, energy, easy weight maintenance,, optimal health, greater vitality and happiness.

Teaching how to grow organic, treating with common herbs, reducing carbs, increasing fats to lose weight and let the body heal. Adding all the healthy oils, butter and fats you want. High firbre fruits, sourdough and fermented super foods for optimal health preventing, trating and reversing allergies, ADD, ADHD, alzheimers, anxiety, arthritis, autism, behavioural and learning problems, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, overweight, pain, psychological disorders, tinnitus, rheumatism, and more.

We give you herb teas from our own, organic permaculture gardens and focus on foods as your medicines with minimal supplementation and maximum nutrition.

Foods that are refined, processed or extracted, lose healing properties which whole foods and whole herbs provide. Side effects are almost always linked to having part of and not the whole plant or from eating animals that have not had the whole foods and outdoor life that is the healthiest. The body is more likely to become dependent on concentrated processed foods that have added chemicals and less nturients so that consumers spend more on food and have medical bills.

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Spiritual Ecology

white moth

Reverential Ecology is a Spiritual Ecology with reverence, respect and appreciation for all life. Arising from Deep Ecology it inspires an understanding that within ourselves we are all connected and to know this we need to know ourselves. A heart and soul connection with all creatures, plants, and the land in our care is open with honest communication that honours the spiritual journey of all beings. We learn what divine love is together and develop co-operative relationships with the DNA and cells of our bodies which greatly increases our health, with our plants that optimises the nutrition and herbal medicines they have for us, and with our homes which shelter and protect us.

Organic gardening, permaculture and forest gardening build layers of productivity from beneath the soil to vegetables, to bushes, climbing fruit vines, and trees. Permaculture is "Permanent Agriculture" builds from the central heart of the garden out to the preferral zone, which can be a woodlot or fruit and nut trees. Knowing how plants can be grown most healthily even if we are not gardeners ourselves empowers us to locate and eat the most nutritious foods available.

Tours of Harmony Forest illustrate these principles in action and provide a teaching model to apply to your own home, farm and garden.

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Health Books and Courses

Be a Deva
Communicating with pets, plants and animals and enhancing home and garden with fairies and devas.
Better Health for Honey Bees Naturally
Understanding and looking after bees from a BeeKeeper Naturopath
Guides to Health from Sunbathing and Sungazing
Living Sacred Geometry Instruction


The Energy Centre
Harmony Forest
239 Waitati Valley
Waitati, NZ 9085
11am to 3pm daily

The Energy Centre includes a display of the full range of our health products available online at UnityCosncious.org, NaturesDesign.nz and VortexWater.co.nz.
You are invited to contemplatte on your health exploring walks within our native forest environment before and after appointments.
Directions: From start of 100K speed limit on State Highway 1 north out of Dunedin, Waitati Valley Rd is first turn-off on left at the high point 10K from Dunedin. 2.5K down on left "239" has off-road parking. Or on SH1 coming south continue on SH! for a few K past Waitati and turn right o to Waitati Valley Road. Proceed 5Kuntil you see "239" on your right. Secrure your vehicle, come through gate and walk 80m up drive. A City Bus Service can take you to the turn off on SH1. Map

OnlineWorld-wide Healing

By phone (Australia and NZ at my cost), Email, Skype and Facebook private messaging.
Onstellar: OnStellar with David

Investment in your Health

Interent and Phone Assessment, Advice, Coaching and Distant Healing sessions. Australia and NZ: I phone you (I pay for call) and rest of world: You make the call NZ100 per hour.

Gemstone Therapy includes a $70 bond and responsibility for gemstones and necklaces during healing walks within Harmony.

Partners, support persons and caregivers welcome.


Email: david @ gemstone therapy. info (without spaces)
Onstellar: DavidBaillie

Phone: 0211-22-0910

Ten To Do

  1. Appreciation, Gratitude, Giving from the Heart
  2. Knowing you are an energy being whose thoughts give rise to how you are affected by anything and everything in your life
  3. Contemplating on your health, your day and your wellbeing for a few minutes morning and night
  4. Deep breathing to pause before getting angry, to stretch back and for alkalising oxygen to cleanse the body of toxins and disease
  5. Spring or creek water or magnetised, vortex regenerated, mineralised, living EZ, Phase 4 water with negative ionised hydrogen (most powerful anti-oxidant).
  6. Sunshine, a fresh breeze, regular exercise and stretching
  7. Prepare your own food, eat some juiced, raw, some boiled or steamed and only a little baked, broiled or grilled
  8. Eat mostly high energy organic fresh plant foods grown with love from own garden, local Farmer's Markets and Organic Food Shops
  9. Oil pulling - swishing a teaspoon of Fermented organic coconut oil around the mouth for 20 minutes before eating every morning
  10. Sleeping in a dark room with black-out curtains if needed, all appliances unplugged, with only red night-lights.

Reduced exposure to unhealthy radiation

Organic Wild Fermented + Raw

Best Low Cost Healers

These are my deepest secrets discovered after years of researth and are not published by main-stream science as they are very cheap and replace profit making drugs and surgery.