Gemstones Help Structure Full Spectrum Water
adding Sound, Light, Earth Resonance, Magnetic and Piezo-Electric Energies

Shape in gemstones stimulates the structuring of water into similar shapes with hydrogen-bonding at micro-scopic levels. Spiral vortexes (eddies) and organised cubes, hexagons, icosahedrons and tetrahedrons (platonic solids) develop ithin water that is gathering in energies and reaching towards its highest energy state of full spectrum living water. All these shapes are supported and created within bubles and spheres of energy so we work with high-quality gemstones shaped into spheres and the rounded ovoid, egg shapes that water also loves.

Quartz as a solid crystal holds the same shapes as liquid crystalline water. This gives it very similar properties which it adds to water actively encouraging it to take in energy and develop its shape and extend its energy into what we feel and taste as full-bodied, smooth, silky tasting water that feels more energetic and is often a little colder.

Two natural materials sand and clay have high quartz contents that impart these changes to water. Water becomes more structured when stored in high quartz glass shaped into the proportions of the Golden Ratio, the Fibbonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8 ... as in Nature's Design Carafes, Glasses, Mugs and Drink Bottles.

"Violet Miron Glass" and "Miron Violet Glass" work like the best water-structuring gemstones with the colors of light that feed water the most. Violet and especially Infra-red wavelengths are just water water needs to pattern itself into healthy harmonics based on those wavelengths.

The shapes of water hold information that transmits from cell to cell, support DNA expression and repair, aid in healing and increase health, consciousness and longevity. These health increases are supported by gemstones with particular affinities to water, especially when added to clay and glass containers with the shapes of Water Eggs and the Golden Ratio.

Silver, rose gold and ruthenium plated (copper) triskelions for the creation of Full Spectrum Living WaterThe shapes created in water with full-spectrum of electro-magnetic energy colours are captured by the Labs of the late Dr Masaru Emoto creating water crystals as illustrated for each products following Natures Design; and the three-fold spirals of gold and silver plated Triskelions filled with high frequency water add even more of the spiralling, vortex energy water needs.

Therapeutic quality diamonds, crystals, stones and gemstones can be placed under, alongside and even in water, if they are not dissolved by it. Like minerals they add to the amount of energy-information water can store and how healthy it can be with increasing structure becoming full-spectrum living water. Adding a little full Spectrum 100% Natural sea salt with all minerals present increases the energy of water and is needed for water to develop its highest full spectrum living energy potential salt.

Gemstones Creators of Full-Spectrum Living Water Include:

Anchii Crystals
Blue Topaz
Laminar Crystals
Rose Quartz (Roselle)
Tourmaline (blue and red) Not to be placed in water.

David Baillie, Awakening Consciousness Coach, Naturopath, Energy Medicine

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