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Imagine special Gemstones and their Mandalas healing you with sacred geometries of light, sounds and colours that resonate with and call forth the powerful cosmic energies of the Universe, the quantum source field, to bring your body into coherent alignment with the frequencies of peak health and consciousness. Sounds create the shapes of light (photons, electromagnetic waves) that heal. This square mandala of four frosted quartz resonates with and carries the earth energy of the cube and its central (indigo) into the body to aid in the grounding that facilitates healing of the thoughts behind dis-ease.

4 quartz at points of square with central indigo gemstone

Similiarity creates resonance. Gemstone Mandalas create energy flows similar to their own shapes. Circles, spirals, triangles, squares and pentagon connect with the platonic solid shapes of sphere, tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron and dodecahedron. Here a orange carnelian and white beryl necklace spirals to resonate with spiral energies that break up old patterns within cells that inhibit healing.

Spiral of carnelian and white beryl viewed side on

"Thanks so much, With God everything is possible and from today onwards am going to live happily. God bless you so much and remember me in prayers always with my kids."
- Juddy, Kenya.

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"Thank you David for the Gemstone Energy Healing last week. I felt an amazing sense of warmth during the session and things have continued to be much clearer over the last week. Thoroughly recommend the Gemstone Energy Healing - Feeling blessed"
Tracey H., New Zealand.

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Roselle - Rose Quartz Necklace Spiralled

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Master Healer necklace spiral in bamboo bowl

Gemstone Energy Medicine Onstellar

Dark Green AVenturine and Tsavorite Nekclace spiralled

Opalight Necklace Spiralled

Living River Necklace Spiralled

Gemstone Energy Medicine Onstellar

Forsted Quartz in a Spiral

Roselle - Rose Quartz Necklace Spiralled

4Pearl with dark green aventurine gem mandala

Gemstone Energy Medicine Onstellar

The Energy of a Gemsonte Sphere as a Dual vortex toroid

Living Sacred Geometry Onstellar

Carnelian White Beryl Necklace Spiralled


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